How Data Drives Us

Partner with us to harness A.I. data-driven insights that fuel revenue growth. We guarantee your brand connects with its ideal audience through precision targeting.

Powerful Data
Meets a Creative Approach

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Data-Driven Results

Access Our Billion- Dollar Database

Access to 30,000 data publishers allows us to identify the client’s ideal audience and make sure the right people see our ads

Exclusive Linear Regression Model

Our proven digital marketing funnel utilizes a model that sets us apart from our competitors

200–300+ Ad Variations Running Across Multiple Platforms

Every major social media platform, every app/website that allows for advertising, CCTV, and audio

Daily Optimization and Collecting Audience Data

A/B testing of multi-variant ads allows the campaign to narrow down to the content that yields the best results

Retargeting throughout the User’s Journey

How the funnel uses data to place ads in front of specific users across different platforms throughout the user’s online activity

Attribution to MeasureDigital Campaign Results

How we track data campaign & audience with tools. No guessing game b/c we can prove/show what is working best via pixles, data, AI tools

The Impact

What does this methodology accomplish? Highlight quantitative data wherever possible, in addition to qualitative data

Spirits Capital

Captivating Investors with American Whiskey-Backed Portfolio Diversification!

Accredited Investor leads generated in one week
Video plays in one week
Clicks on Ads to drive traffic to website


Fueling Success with Valynt Digital's Capital Acceleration Expertise!

Figures raised in 90 days
3.4 M
Video plays of their investor related videos
Impressions in 180 days
Ad clicks from investors


Embarking on the Million-Dollar Ad Venture with Norhart and Valynt

Investor leads in two weeks
5.7 M
Video plays of their investor related videos
Impressions leading to investments quickly
Advertising spend in two weeks

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