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Our valued partner, Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park, entered the scene with an impressive 8-figures raised from a Reg D offering. Seeking to accelerate their capital raise strategy, they teamed up with Valynt Digital to tap into our extensive database of 10 million accredited investors. The journey began in the summer of 2023, and the results are nothing short of astounding.

Client Results

Since the partnership's inception, Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park has experienced a historic rise in qualified lead flow, closing investors on a monthly basis and reaping massive returns on their own investment with Valynt Digital. They are actively running ads on social media platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, and the Audience Network (millions of apps and websites online), that is resulting in a strategic omnipresence to their ideal investors online. 

Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park has seen over 700 accredited investor leads flowing seamlessly through their custom digital funnel, resulting in 7 figures being raised to date.

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Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park and countless others have experienced the transformative power of Valynt Digital. Your path to fundraising excellence awaits – where dreams take flight, and capital raises reach unprecedented heights!

7 Figures
Raised in 90 days
3.4 M
Video plays of their investor related videos
Impressions in 180 days
Ad clicks from investors

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