Case Study

Embarking on the Million-Dollar Ad Venture with Norhart and Valynt

Client Ask

Norhart (Real Estate Group) set its sights on the ultimate goal – a million-dollar ad spend to elevate their Reg A offering. Seeking Valynt's expertise, they initially sought consulting on utilizing digital ads for fundraising through social media. With an additional ask for access to Valynt's real estate investor data, the journey began. As the consulting sessions unfolded, the client and Valynt discovered a seamless synergy, propelling them into a dynamic partnership. Valynt Digital was entrusted with the task of crafting and executing Norhart's marketing campaigns.

Client Results

Over 5,000 Real Estate Investor Leads In Two Weeks

Valynt Digital swiftly swung into action, implementing their extensive database of known real estate investors. The result? A remarkable decrease in the cost per lead, paving the way for Norhart to envision a colossal advertising spend of $35,000 per day (that's a cool million per month!). In just a few short days, Valynt Digital's strategic moves generated a staggering 5,000+ qualified, real estate investor leads in under two weeks, ultimately contributing to Norhart's triumphant capital raise.

Prepare to Experience Valynt Digital's Transformative Impact

Embark on a journey inspired by Norhart's remarkable success – a testament to the unparalleled results that await you. Join the prestigious league of success stories, where 7 and 8 figure raises become a reality. Begin your capital raise journey online with Valynt Digital!

Investor leads in two weeks
Video plays of their investor related videos
Impressions leading to investments quickly
Advertising spend in two weeks

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