An all-in-one automation software that transforms the way you engage with leads.

LUNA A.I. stands at the forefront of the Sales Technology Market, offering the most user-friendly and efficient Sales and Lead Engagement solution suitable for teams of any size, from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

Supported by our dedicated development team, we have pinpointed and addressed key engagement areas to enhance company visibility and drive revenue growth for investor relations, sales executives, teams, and organizations.

Why use LUNA A.I.?

For too long, reaching out to promising leads has been a cumbersome, expensive, and often exasperating process. With LUNA A.I., our software streamlines these efforts, freeing you and your team to concentrate on sealing deals and engaging with your desired prospects. Additionally, we enable you with pertinent data on individuals and organizations you wish to connect with, all conveniently accessible within the software. What's more, you can connect with anyone on LinkedIn (1 Billion Users) seamlessly.

A.I. Software Highlights

60+ Hours Per Month

The time LUNA saves executives & sales people

Response Rates Up 3x to 5x

24/7 Outreach, LUNA never sleeps

55% Increase in Engagement

A.I. Driven Messages & Funnel leads to convos

Enriched Prospect Data

Access to 1 Billion B2B & B2C Profiles

Inbound & Outbound

LUNA A.I. can automate both with A.I. Tech

Linkedin Automation

Auto connection request & A.I. Messaging

Targeting with LUNA A.I.

Company Size


Job Title


Online Behaviors


Company Growth

Household Income

Client Success Using LUNA A.I.

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