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August 14, 2023

Transforming the Capital Raise Landscape: Valynt Digital is Leading the Way in Data-Driven Marketing To Raise Money

In the dynamic and competitive world of raising capital, traditional methods have become increasingly outdated, making it challenging for businesses to connect with the right investors efficiently. Valynt Digital stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift, employing data-driven strategies that redefine how businesses secure funds.

The Power of Access to Data Publishers

Valynt Digital’s unparalleled access to over 30,000 data publishers distinguishes its approach. With access to the best data management platforms, a privilege shared by less than 500 agencies across the U.S., Valynt Digital can precisely target the audience that aligns with your organization’s specific needs. The database is a result of sourcing from esteemed platforms like Experian, Oracle, and Datalogix.

A Glimpse into Valynt Digital’s Audience Reach

The numbers speak volumes about Valynt Digital’s expansive outreach:

  • 10 Million Accredited Investors: Leveraging targeting capabilities, Valynt Digital ensures that your message reaches a significant pool of accredited investors.
  • 22,000 Family Office Contacts: Valynt Digital can effectively target key individuals within family offices, holding critical positions like Chief Investment Officer, Managing Partner, Head of Investments, Founder, and more, using various digital mediums.
  • 80 Million Coinbase and Robinhood Users: Utilizing automation for text, email, calendar links, and content creation to streamline the lead generation process.

Sophisticated Data-Driven Approach

Valynt Digital’s approach is thoroughly grounded in data, offering insights and strategies that are backed by robust analysis:

  • Digital Marketing Ads: Detailed reporting on impressions, reach, video views, and clicks, providing a clear understanding of what’s working in your campaigns.
  • Website Analytics: Comprehensive web analytics that guide informed decision-making for your business.
  • Pixel Data: In-depth insights into consumer behavior, driving more awareness and facilitating business growth.
  • Exclusive Linear Regression Model: Valynt Digital’s digital marketing funnel incorporates a model that sets it apart from competitors, ensuring greater precision and effectiveness in ad placements.
  • Extensive Ad Variations and Daily Optimization: Utilizing 200–300+ ad variations running across multiple platforms, coupled with daily optimization through A/B testing to refine campaigns.
  • Retargeting and Attribution: Capitalizing on data to place ads in front of specific users across different platforms throughout their online journey. Thorough attribution methods to measure campaign results without guesswork.

Impact and Real Results

Valynt Digital’s approach doesn’t just promise; it delivers tangible results that reframe the narrative of capital raises, such as:

  • Reg CF Raises: While the average Reg CF raise hovers around 7k, Valynt Digital's latest project raised an impressive 1.9 million, demonstrating the efficacy of their strategies.
  • Reg D Access to Accredited Investors: Traditionally, Reg D access to accredited investors ranges between 500 to 1500. Valynt Digital’s reach spans over 10 million plus, offering a significantly broader and more diverse pool.
  • 250 Accredited Investor Lead Opt-Ins: Within the first 30 days of ads going live, one of Valynt Digital’s clients secured 250 accredited investor lead opt-ins, underscoring the immediate and substantial impact of their approach.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Capital Raises

Valynt Digital’s approach is a game-changer in the realm of capital raises, unlocking the power of data to connect businesses with the right investors effectively and efficiently. The ability to access a vast audience with precision, track campaigns with detailed analytics, and achieve significantly higher results than traditional methods establishes Valynt Digital as the torchbearer of data-driven marketing for capital raises.

Are you ready to transform your capital raise strategies? Partner with Valynt Digital and experience the innovation and precision that data-driven marketing can bring to your fundraising efforts.

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