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Imagine your life without access to the web.

You have a hundred different agencies to choose from and you want to know why you should choose us. Ready for our answer?

Here it comes…


You’d lose the ability to order groceries online when life gets hectic. You wouldn’t be able to book an appointment online or look up the phone number for your family doctor when your loved ones get sick. You’d lose the ability to discover important news from your child’s school website.

Seems almost impossible to imagine getting by without internet and website access, doesn’t it?

Imagine your life without access to the web.

Motors & Mobility
Color Blindness
Blurred Vision
Cognitive Disorders
Cataract & More
Motors & Mobility
Color Blindness
Blurred Vision
Cognitive Disorders
Cataract & More

Meet Adapt

Our web accessibility tool that offers your website visitors with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a functional and seamless web experience.

At Valynt Digital, we believe that everyone deserves functional access to the internet and webspace. That’s why we offer an amazing AI-powered web accessibility tool as a service.

Our tool is the only AI-powered solution that creates a functional website experience for users—something that plugins and other tools can’t do.


Customized Interface
In Your Brand Colors
Daily Optimization
For 24/7 Compliance
Accessibility Statement &
Certification of Performance


Compliance for WCAG 2.1,
ADA, Section 508,
and EN 301549
No Software or
Plugins Needed
Visitor Increase

trusted by leading companies

Hospitals, Urgent Cares, & Private Practices

Reach more patients than ever before when you create functional access to your website with our web accessibility services. Plus, our tool helps you avoid lawsuits and demand letters.

Daycares & Learning Institutions

Nearly 15% of American students suffer from a learning disability. Ensure that all of your students feel valued when you create access to your school’s website for children and parents with disabilities.

Churches, Temples,
& Synagogues

Want to convey to your members that your religious organization is accepting and accommodating to all? Create an opportunity to showcase your mission by ensuring all your members can access your website.

Special Events &
Event Venues

Increase the size of your audience (and boost ticket sales) when you guarantee that your website or ticket selling page is accessible to everyone interested in your event.

Accessibility Services
Accessibility Plugins
WCAG 2.1 Compliance
Accessibility Level
Project Cost
$5.000 - $30,000
$5.000 - $30,000
Time to Deploy
48 Hours
1-3 Months
1-3 Months
Endurance Over Time
Recurring Payment
$350-$500 Monthly
$1,000 - $5,000
$1,000 - $5,000
Artificial Intelligence
Customized Design


2 Types of Plans

Join Our Mission To Open Web Access For All.

We’re committed to breaking down cyberspace barriers so that everyone has functional access to all areas of the internet, including your website!

Join us in our mission to offer functional web access for everyone. Contact us today and discover how you can help those in need access your website.  
Web accessibility for all starts with you and your website. Join our mission.

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