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Tap into new audience that they have not been able to reach through traditiaonl marketing. Create awareness of the 3 comedy clubs (Ft. Worth, Dallas, Plano) and increase ticket sales.

The Ask

True Velocity, a munitions technology company based in Dallas, Texas, is currently making waves in the world of weapons and ammo because of their latest successful invention: composite-case ammo. This new patented ammo is not only 30% lighter while still reducing weapon signature, but it’s 100% recyclable!

Ready to bring on accredited investors to back their new technology, True Velocity decided to go digital to get the most bang for their buck (heyo!) when searching for individuals to invest.  

After meeting with the client and listening to their needs and goals, we crafted a custom digital strategy that would reach new and accomplished accredited investors in order to hit their funding goals.

True Velocity’s new custom digital strategy included: 


We knew that video content was going to be the real winner with this client. We created a brand video that not only showed off the incredible benefits of the composite-case ammo, but also shared the powerful mission behind the company.

Before circulating the above video on social media, we decided to write out compelling copy to accompany it. Curiosity-inducing headlines and informative descriptions of the benefits pulled readers into the social post, offering enough incentive to click on the play button or the call-to-action button.


Digital Ad Highlights

the results


Content Marketing

With cool demo videos and copy that listed off the endless features and benefits ready to go, we decided to begin content marketing on True Velocity’s chosen social media platforms. The posts boosted brand awareness and increased engagement and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Email Marketing

Because of the nature of investments, we needed to create an email marketing campaign that would communicate investing information and secure contact information for leads. The messaging in this campaign was sharp yet easy-to-understand for new accredited investors. However, the most important piece to these campaigns was the ability to capture information that would allow True Velocity to contact the leads and convert each into an investor.

Creating Lead Generation Campaigns

Because we had a clear understanding of True Velocity’s ideal investor, we were able to build precise Facebook audiences for our social media ads to target individuals who met a minimum annual income, stated an interest in certain celebrity investors, followed certain gun and ammo pages, and more. 

Retargeting Audiences

True Velocity was invited to the 2019 Shot Show. Using social media ads and geotargeting, we were able to reach attendees of the shooting, hunting, outdoor, and firearms tradeshow and let them know which booth number to visit to see True Velocity’s display.

True Velocity’s New
Digital Marketing
Strategy Data Highlights

Impressions in 30 Days
Video Views
clicks on ad in the first 30 days
300+ Leads
In The First 30 days
cents per engagement
and video view on ad
Video Views From Live
social media coverage
dollars raised in 6 weeks
150+ Ads
ad variations targeting
9 different audiences
Raised $6 million
in 90 days
2.9 million video views in 90 days
3.3 million impressions
first 90 days
76k Clicks
76,000 clicks on
all ad campaigns

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