If you’re reading this blog, then you’re searching for a better way to boost business while saving money. When it comes to bringing in more patients for less dollars, we de-liver (physician pun 100% intended) real results.

The good news: People will always need a good healthcare clinic to visit.  

The not-so-good news: Competition for healthcare clinics is currently at an all-time high.

The best news: The rest of this blog is packed with helpful and informative tips that will show you how to beat your competition.

When it comes down to it, most healthcare centers are still focusing on traditional marketing strategies. HUGE MISTAKE. Digital marketing is the way of the future, and companies that get on board early are going to be the most successful.

Check out how traditional marketing measures up against digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

The Contenders: Direct Mailers vs. Social Media Ads

Direct mailers are those postcards and brochures you get in the mail in addition to those pesky grocery flyers.  (And, let’s be honest, you don’t even look at them twice when you get them in the mail because you toss them straight into the recycling bin.) For a first-class every door plan that delivers mailers to every door within a certain mile radius, you can get 50,000 postcards for .31 a pop. Sounds cheap, doesn’t it? Well, that adds up $15,500! PLUS, you don’t even get to choose your audience because these mailers are based solely on addresses and not people’s lifestyles, wants, or needs. Need yet another con? You have no way of tracking whether or not your mailers are actually working.

Social media ads are cheaper (our most cost-effective ad to date ran at $00.00 per click), and they give you the freedom to choose who sees your message! You can target an audience based on income level, gender, number of children, type of car owned, age, preferred brands, and more. Seriously, you can create a custom audience that will only target people who are likely to visit your healthcare center, saving you money and saving the recycling team in your neighborhood from doing extra work. PLUS, you can track your ad analytics, giving you the power to see how many people visited your website, made an appointment, or followed your business page based on your ad.  

The Winner: Social Media Ads (Digital)

The Contenders: Radio & TV Ads vs. PPC

According to FitSmallBusiness.com, a typical 30 to 60-second radio ad can cost you $200 – $5,000 per week! Not to mention, there are extra costs required to produce a successful radio ad: scriptwriting, voice acting, and audio editing. While we’re at it, go ahead and add the fact that you don’t have the power to choose who listens to your message into the cons column.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, on the other hand, allow you to create SEO-optimized ads for Google or Bing. The best part? You only pay for clicks to your website or landing page. In other words, you only pay for real results.

The Winner: PPC Ads (Digital)

The Contenders: Call Centers/Receptionists vs. Messenger Chatbots

While front office staff is a must-have for any healthcare center, messenger chatbots will give you a leg up on the competition.

Chatbots are automated messages deployed from Facebook ads. Your potential patients have the power to interact with your brand around the clock utilizing this unique feature, which means you’ll never lose out on the chance to schedule an appointment for a potential patient because of office hours.

The Winner: Messenger Chatbots (Digital)

Overall Winner: Traditional or Digital?

The results are in for which avenue does marketing better: traditional or digital. The clear-cut winner in every arena is digital marketing. Any which way you look at it, digital costs less and offers better results.

So, which of these tactics does your healthcare center need?

You need them ALL. Is that a difficult request? Yes. Is it impossible? Not when you hire Valynt Digital as your digital marketing agency.  

Our full-service agency is staffed by role-specific marketers that work relentlessly to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns have the best copy, videos, graphics, web design, and ads. Having a team of experts on your side guarantees that you’ll bring in better leads, more patients, and higher sales.

Ready to beat the healthcare competition in your area?

Contact Valynt Digital, your proactive partners in digital marketing dedicated to your success.


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