Automotive businesses, it’s time to face the truth: radio ads, billboards, and smooth-talking salesmen are no longer the best way to drive sales.

Radio ads will go unheard because listeners aren’t tuned into live radio stations; they’re on Spotify. No one is looking out the window at billboards while riding in an Uber because they’re scrolling on their smartphones. And, no one (absolutely no one) likes being sold.

Don’t worry, though. There are two silver linings to these revelations:

  1. We know where we won’t find most people, which is on live radio or live television. And, we also know where to find your customers online.
  2. Even though they don’t like being sold, people do love to buy!

With this information, your marketing strategy should seem like a no-brainer: Go Digital!

When done right, digital marketing can bring in better leads and results for less dollars than traditional marketing.

Still not convinced? Check out these 5 benefits that digital marketing can offer your automotive business:

Give Your Customers The Power

According to V12 Data, car buyers spend 59% of their time online researching. When we add that stat to the fact that 53% of automotive internet shoppers are using a mobile device during their car search, your automotive business has two clear digital marketing needs right out the gate. You need killer digital content packed with information and a mobile-friendly website.

Mitigate Damage

Have you ever been the recipient of a terrible one-star review? (It’s okay; we’ve all been there at least once!) The good news is that with a solid digital marketing strategy, you have the power to mitigate damage caused by negative reviews. On a happier note, you can also request reviews from happy customers! Digital marketing is a win-win when it comes to subduing angry customer reviews and inviting positive ones.

Build Personal Relationships

From email marketing to social media content, digital marketing is an excellent avenue to build personal relationships with your audience. Remember, people hate being sold. The best way to counteract the instinct to run away from a sale pitch is to build relationships with your customers. There’s no easier way to do that than through digital marketing tactics.  

Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

You have 5 to 15 seconds to capture the attention of website visitors, so make sure you have a site that’s designed to keep eyeballs on the page for as long as possible. Cool graphics, embedded videos, appealing copy, and interactive features are great ways to keep your audience engaged and on your site for longer.

Retarget Your Audience

If you took the advice in #4 to heart and created a killer website, you should also be sure to place pixels on your website so you can retarget visitors with ads around the site. That white BMW that a visitor spent a solid 20 minutes staring at is now going to follow them around the web through ads—hopefully prompting them into action and a purchase!

So, you’re finally sold on digital marketing, but now you’re wondering who should take on the task of creating your content, ad campaigns, copywriting, videos, and more. You could hire a single marketer to be your jack-of-all-trades but keep in mind that these types are never masters of all marketing components.

Instead, we recommend using our full-service agency staffed by role-specific marketers. Our copywriter sticks to churning out compelling content. Our videographer only focuses on creating high-quality videos, and our digital and creative specialists work hard to make sure that your graphics, web design, and ads are guaranteed to bring in more customers, better leads, and higher sales.

Ready to drive better results and increased profits to your automotive business?

Contact Valynt Digital, your proactive partners in digital marketing dedicated to your dealership’s success.


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