As technology and social media integrate into everyday life, churches in the DFW are finding themselves struggling to communicate with the younger generations. This disconnect is leading to a slow but steady decline in church attendance.

While mailers, billboards, and radio ads have worked in the past when reaching the older generations, these marketing tactics don’t resonate with the next generation. Teens and young adults won’t hear your local radio ad because they’re streaming music on Spotify. And, those mailers you spent thousands of dollars to design, print, and mail? Yeah, millennials consider those spam and toss them straight into the trash without even a glance.

So, what’s the best way to fill your DFW church with new members, especially ones from the younger generation? Have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. Most churches are weary to step away from traditional marketing in favor of digital, but it’s the best (and most cost effective) way to fill your pews.

Using strictly digital marketing strategies and zero traditional marketing, our clients saw amazing results for:

  1. Event Promotion

  • Over 6,000 people attended Cottonwood Creek Church’s annual Fall Festival
  • 154 families (700 people confirmed) showed up to Cottonwood Creek Church’s first annual Christmas Village
  • RockPointe Church sold 747 tickets (priced $15 per ticket) for their date night comedy event

  1. Spreading The Gospel

  • Cottonwood Creek Church had over 288,000 views on their Candlelight Service Event video
  • Cottonwood Creek Church had over 352 Facebook shares on their sermon series video with 68k views

  1. Increased Sunday Service Attendance

Digital marketing allows churches to seek out new congregation members with targeted ads that can reach anyone, anywhere. For example, we can create a Sunday service ad targeted to reach:

  • Followers of Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Rock Warren, and other well-known preachers
  • People who watch Trinity Broadcast Network, Christian Network, and Uplift TV
  • Fans of Hillsong United, MercyMe, and Casting Crowns
  • People who live within a certain mile radius of your church

  1. Increased Engagement In Kids, Teens, and Young Adult Events

  • Turning Point Church hosted a youth event in 2017, and they had over 100 rsvps on Facebook within just two weeks
  • Cottonwood Creek Church (and countless others) used Facebook ads over the summer to bring in hundreds of kids for their vacation bible school events

  1. Decreased Marketing Cost

  • Cottonwood Creek Church brought their event ad response down from $22 per event response to .57 cents with digital marketing
  • Turning Point Church brought in over 800 people for a live music concert with $200 less ad spend

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